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Skills Bank

Skills Bank is a business led programme which has been developed by the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and is being managed by Calderdale College. Using devolved government funding, businesses will be able to match private sector investment with public funding to invest in training for their workforce.

The Source is offering a range of training programmes which can be funded through Skills Bank.

Businesses who show a strong case for how the investment will deliver growth within their company can claim funding for 30-70% of the cost for training.

You can find out more information about Skills Bank on the Sheffield City Region website.

How does Skills Bank work?

Employers can choose from a comprehensive list of courses then apply for Skills Bank funding through the online portal which can be accessed here. Employers would then need to complete a Skills Bank online application for the training selected, which The Source can support employers to complete. The Skills Bank application will ask employers to identify how the training selected will have a positive impact on either business turnover, productivity and/or the development of new services or products.

Our range of courses covers training in four areas including our 90-150 minute long BoostS workshops, to longer programmes in Customer Service, IT and management. 


For further information please contact us on 0114 263 5600 or complete this form to request a meeting with an Business Support Account Manager to discuss eligibility, The Source will guide and support you through the whole process.  

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