Case Study: Elle Cowley

Image of Elle Cowley

Elle Cowley


LOCATION: Rotherham

COURSE: Business Administration Apprenticeship


What is the best thing about your apprenticeship?

The best thing about my apprenticeship is that I’m gaining knowledge in the work place. Before, I was at school then I came here and I feel that working in this environment has made me grow up and be more independent. 

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship with AESSEAL®?

Originally, I was looking at going to college. I didn’t enjoy school so I decided to look at something different. I’m glad I did because I’m learning and learning more than I would have done at school. When I was at school, they didn’t really tell you much about apprenticeships as an option for further study, but I’ve found that if you don’t want to continue at school, an apprenticeship is a great choice for you. 

I wanted to do a Business Administration Apprenticeship because I felt like this would suit me. I came to an Open Evening here at AESSEAL® – which I learnt about through my school and The Source. It was a really good event. I had a good look around the company and decided that this was the right thing for me. 

What do you do on a day-to-day basis? 

I have a wide variety of jobs throughout the day and I enjoy that about my job. It keeps me nice and busy, sometimes the days fly by because I’m doing so much. Usually, in the morning I begin by picking up the post and getting any invoices scanned in ready to be processed. I also check through emails to make sure we have everything covered off.  

At the minute I’m supporting the team by scanning a lot of documents in to the computer in preparation for a new system which will be coming into place soon. I work with my mentor, Amy, who overseas all areas of finance roles in the company so I get involved in every area rather than staying in one. In the next few weeks, I will be working with the people in the capture team and learning about that section of the business. 

Aimee Flanaghan – Apprentice Mentor

Elle has really grown in confidence thanks to her apprenticeship – I’ve really seen a difference since she started working here. She is like a sponge, learning everything she needs to know about the job and her role. This is really good for me and my team because while she’s learning, she’s also bringing new ideas to us and she’s developing processes for the better.

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