Apprenticeship Employer FAQs

Apprenticeship Employer FAQs


What is an apprenticeship?
What does it involve?
Is there an upper age limit for apprenticeships?
My business is operating on a tight budget. How is taking on an apprentice going to benefit the business?
Do I receive any monetary incentives to take on an apprentice?
Why would I want to take on an apprentice?
Is there a cost for employers?
What hours can apprentices work?
I have an employee keen to do an apprenticeship. Can I still take them on as an apprentice?
What are my responsibilities as the employer?
What is off the job training?
Do apprentices take exams?
Do apprentices attend college or training sessions?

Commercial Training

In addition to apprenticeships, we offer a range of opportunities to upskill your workforce through our commercial training offer.

From our bite-sized Boosts courses - to our intensive accredited courses - to our self-paced, interactive online training, we have the services available to advance the skillset of your workforce and take your business to the next level.

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below:

What commercial training programmes are available at the source?
What type of businesses need to take these courses?
What funding support is available?
Do you offer any online training?
Do you offer discounts?
What is SSW?
Do you deliver courses on site or off site?
I want to learn more about how to develop my business, do you offer any short workshops?
How do I make a booking?