Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Health and Social Care Apprenticeships

The health and social care industry provides some of the most rewarding careers, where you can make a real difference to people’s lives. 

A Health and Social Care Apprenticeship provides the perfect way to get started in a range of healthcare and social care career positions. An apprenticeship in social care or health care provides you with essential experience and skills to support a range of adults and children in need of professional care.

What Do Health and Social Care Apprenticeships Involve?

Apprenticeships involve elements of work experience and learning. This means that Health and Social Care Apprenticeships provide you with the key practical experience, as well as the knowledge to give much-needed support and change somebody’s life when faced with physical, practical, social, emotional or intellectual challenges.

This makes health care apprenticeships an essential starting point for many who consider a career in a caregiving role. A great way to broaden your understanding of the health and social care industry, as well as experience which sectors you find the most rewarding.

Develop Your Care Skills

Not only does a health and social care apprenticeship provide you with key care skills, you will also develop the right values and behaviours during the apprenticeship. This helps you build on your communication skills, people skills and problem-solving skills, all of which are essential for providing quality and compassionate care.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Health and Social Care Apprenticeship?

Through completing a Health and Social Care Apprenticeship, you will gain the necessary skills to work in a range of care organisations, including care homes, residential homes, or as part of care services provided by local authorities. This is a greatly rewarding career, and an apprenticeship in social work or health care is a great way to start. 

These roles require health and social care apprentices who enjoy working with people, in order to provide a good service of care and support for the less able and sometimes vulnerable people.

Apply for a Health and Social Care Apprenticeship

We provide a range of health care apprenticeships and social care apprenticeships ranging from level 2 to level 3. These cover a variety of care roles, helping you find the right health care apprenticeship for you.

To find out more, view our range of health and social care apprenticeships.

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