Ian Hanson, Commercial Trainer

Ian Hanson

Job Title: Commercial Trainer

Department: Commercial Training Team

Email: ian.hanson@thesourceacademy.co.uk


"The thing I enjoy most about being a trainer is the reaction from students when it “clicks” with them and/or when they achieve. That look of “I really did this” that is why I do this."



Specialist Areas

Functional Skills and IT


I began my career a long time ago as an Engineering apprentice with a large Engineering Company.

Over the years, I grew into a technical role of Planning/Process Engineer, I achieved an HNC in Engineering, and then moved in a more General Managerial direction.

I have worked in Electronics, Chemical Engineering, Fabrication and Machining, Airline Catering, Management Consultancy, Project Engineering, Electrical assembly, Railway Signalling, IT management, Scuba Diving Instructor, Pharmaceutical projects, Pharmacies and now Teaching/Tutoring/Training.

One notable thing I found was that you can often use the skills from one discipline in another, so you are not necessarily tied to one Industry.

Another notable thing is that nowadays the competition for jobs is quite strong and Employers look for qualifications as a discriminator, so it is important that you have both the experience and a qualification behind you.

The qualification is also record of your abilities that is there to see.

Several years ago, I decided to have my gap year (which ended up being for 3 years… (that is another story).

I completed my training as a Scuba diving Instructor and went on my travels, working in the UK, the Caribbean and the Philippines.

I discovered that I got a real buzz out of helping people to achieve their diving goals. The look on their faces when they achieved gave me great pleasure. That was when I realised that I wanted to help educate people.

After settling back into normal life, I got the chance to do a teaching course. I hoped to use it to do In-House training, though that did not transpire.

Instead I found myself teaching Functional skills in a particularly challenging environment, this was followed by a period teaching Functional skills to apprentices in the workplace and then to now as an IT trainer with The Source.


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