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Careers Information for Parents | The Source Academy

As a parent, guardian or carer, we understand your desire to make sure your child receives the best possible start to their career. You will be an important voice when the time comes for them to decide where their next education and/or career step will be and should therefore be as informed as possible throughout the research and enrolment process (and onwards).

Options After Leaving School

The government increased the age that young people must continue in education to 18, but this doesn’t have to mean staying in school or going to college. Starting an apprenticeship is a great alternative to classroom-based study and is an opportunity to not only continue learning, but to learn and develop the skills employers want.

Extra Support

Some young people may need a little extra support before starting an apprenticeship, this could be through a route such as a traineeship.

Our Community and Employability Team will be able to develop an individual plan to help your child develop the skills they may need before applying for an apprenticeship, while looking at all the options available to them. For example, a traineeship is an excellent pathway to gain work experience, while developing English and maths skills.

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Adult Education

You might also want to consider some of our services for yourself, to advance your current skill set or to access support into work. There are no upper age limits on our apprenticeship courses and you may be able to complete an apprenticeship with your current employer, whilst remaining on your current salary/wage.

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