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What is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, which is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals and the largest health and safety body in the world. IOSH offer various training courses, all of which aim to improve the levels and quality of health and safety in the workplace using sustainable methods.

Our IOSH courses

The Source Academy are proud to offer a number of IOSH courses for professionals in the South Yorkshire area. 

IOSH Working Safely

This course is designed for any type of employee at any level of a company, whether you are in management or junior. It is a quick, one-day course that looks to generally increase your knowledge and awareness of risk and hazards in the workplace and how to manage these effectively day-to-day. 


IOSH Managing Safely

The Managing Safely course is a longer, three-day course designed for those in management or supervising to equip them with the knowledge and skills to implement a high standard of health and safety across their teams. In addition to teaching how to identify and manage risk, this course helps people to understand their responsibilities,  their team’s responsibilities and how to measure performance within teams to build a healthy work culture. 


You can book onto our next available course via our course pages or get in touch with the team with any enquiries.

How much does an IOSH course cost?

The Source Academy aim to offer our IOSH courses at affordable yet fair prices that reflect the quality and expertise of our trainers:

  • Working Safely - from £120
  • Managing Safely - from £500

What does an IOSH course include?

Not all IOSH training courses are the same, so it’s important to choose a provider that offers a quality, efficient and thorough course. The Source Academy has been offering IOSH courses for decades and have a strong reputation in the training industry, helping businesses to ensure their employees are well-educated and equipped to deal effectively with day-to-day risks and hazards in the workplace. 

Our IOSH courses include education in the following areas:

  • Defining and assessing risks 
  • Identifying and managing hazards 
  • Understanding workplace responsibilities
  • Investigating workplace accidents
  • Measuring health and safety performance

Who requires an IOSH course?

Technically, IOSH courses specifically are not a legal requirement that all workplaces must enforce for their employees, however, they are highly recommended to ensure all employees have an understanding and awareness of health and safety and that they can manage and implement safe working practices themselves day-to-day.

IOSH has obvious benefits such as reducing workplace injuries and protecting employees from harm, but it can also help to improve the running of a business generally and ensure efficiency by having all employees trained in how they should behave to prevent any potential issues from arising. 

IOSH courses are designed to suit employees at all levels of a business, from management right down to those who are new to a company or the workplace. 

Why study IOSH with Source Academy?

  • A specialised team of health and safety professionals
  • Leading training providers in the Yorkshire area
  • Flexible training options at our offices or yours
  • Efficient 1 to 3-day courses to minimise time out of work

Contact us

If you are looking to book an IOSH course for yourself or are looking to book on behalf of employees, you can book online or speak to your team over the phone for a quote. 

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