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IT Training

IT Training

63% of the workforce use computers as part of their job. Whether employees are office based or working on the shop floor, they are using more computers and computerised systems to fulfil their jobs role.

However, only 7.2% of businesses provide training to develop the IT skills of their workforce. With so many software packages in use, computer programmes can hinder work output if a member of staff does not feel comfortable using their PC.

With our range of IT Training packages provided by The IT Trainer, your staff will be able to gain the skills and confidence to take on any programme with ease.


Microsoft Outlook

This course is designed to give you time-saving techniques to ensure you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook, including how to keep control of your Inbox.

Microsoft Excel

Our Excel Training workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs, taking you through all the features of Excel you require, often focussing on a specific business requirement.

Microsoft Word

Our Word Training Courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, from short 'bite-size' 2 hour individual sessions to group workshops, taking you through all the features of Word you require, often focussing on a specific business requirements.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Our PowerPoint Training Course is delivered as a full day group workshop, and we take you through devising a presentation that is specifically required by you to ensure that by the end of the training you are fully comfortable using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Introduction to Social Media

Social Media has become an essential business marketing tool. Our Social Media training will introduce you to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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