Management and Team Leading Apprenticeships

Management and Team Leading Apprenticeships


Good Managers and Team Leaders are essential to the success of any business. As a Manager or Team Leader you'll be responsible for the delivery of a service, or how other people carry out their work. 

You could be working as a Shift Leader, Charge Hand, Section Leader, Team Leader, Supervisor, Floor Manager, Trainee Manager, Deputy Manager or Manager. Depending on the focus of your job, you might learn other skills such as how to allocate and check other people's work, plan and implement change, manage a project or budget, encourage innovation; carry out operational plans, recruit staff, or develop customer service skills.

On the Advanced Apprenticeship in Management, you'll be able to understand the theories of management, and how to source, understand, present and explain work related figures and calculations. This Apprenticeship can be applied across a broad range of sectors and job roles.



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