Melanie Bullivant

Melanie Bullivant, Apprenticeship Tutor

Melanie Bullivant

Job Title: WBL Tutor/IQA

Department: Apprenticeship Tutors


Phone: 07712 324497 

Specialist Areas – Business Admin, Hospitality, Team leading, Management, Customer Service 

Mel has over 11 years' experience as a tutor and two years as an IQA, she has worked at The Source for over 18 years and this has witnessed her career progress into a field she never thought possible. She studied for 5 years at college and university which led to her working in the hospitality industry, moving into management and then training and quality assurance, the highlight of her career. 

"I thoroughly enjoy and find it very rewarding working alongside both learners and employers in such varied industries. Due to my occupational background, I have the pleasure of delivering such a variety of subject areas, so this makes my days interesting while continually updating my CPD in addition to delivering teaching, learning and support to both my learners and employers. Working for The Source allows me to show my full potential but also continue to grow as a tutor and IQA."


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