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Mentoring Your Apprentice

Mentors or line managers play an important role during an apprenticeship. You will be responsible for supporting your apprentice’s training and development in your place of work. You will assign them tasks and provide them with on the job training to ensure they can reach their targets and complete their apprenticeship qualification. 

You will act as the main point of contact for The Source in regard to your apprentice throughout their qualification. You will be involved in the initial sign up on apprentice’s start date and will need to sign some paperwork before the apprentice starts. While working with your apprentice, you will need to access and contribute to OneFile – The Source’s online learning platform. More information on this can be found in the Learning Zone section.

If you have any concerns about your apprentice, you should contact the apprentice’s tutor at the Source.

Learning Processes

Mentors play a key role during an apprentice’s training. As a mentor, you will need to be at the apprentice’s sign-up and present at the End Point Assessment (EPA). 

Most of our apprentices and their mentors attend an induction day at The Source. These induction days happen on the second or fourth week of every month. The mentor and learner can arrange to attend an induction at a time that suits both of them. We can also attend induction meetings at your place of work.

Mentors will also need to be present during the EPA. The tutor will discuss this with you in more detail prior to the EPA. All apprentices must take an assessment so that the employer and tutors can ensure the learner has achieved the occupational competencies they need to work in their allotted industry.


It is important that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected from abuse, neglect or significant harm. It is the responsibility of all employees working with an apprentice to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults participating in training programmes and activities held by The Source. Employees should report any allegations or concerns regarding the welfare of these groups using the guidelines found on our Safeguarding page.


For further information, talk to your dedicated tutor or call our Account Managers on 0114 263 5650.

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