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Associate Trainers and Training Delivery Partners required

Authored on 25 Oct 2017

The Source Skills Academy is a flagship centre providing state of the art training, development and conferencing facilities for all sectors of the local community and businesses nationally.

The Source training and development centre was set up by British Land in partnership with Sheffield City Council in 2003. Established as a charity, the facilities include a café and meeting rooms for public use. Since its launch, The Source has built a national reputation for excellence in retail and customer service training and is one of a select number of National Skills Academies for Retail and is a supply of apprenticeship and vocational training in a variety of business sectors. The Source also boasts success rates that consistently exceed that of national average and is an Ofsted Good provider.  

The Source intend to set up a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Associate Trainers & Training Delivery Partners. Those who are awarded a place on the DPS will be invited to participate in a further mini competition when The Source have a requirement for additional training resource. This DPS covers provision of delivery of Education and Training linked to the following sectors: 

  • Business Administration & Management
  • Customer Service
  • Health & Safety
  • First Aid
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Warehousing

Please note this list is not exhaustive and other sectors/types of training may be added at a future date. 

The DPS will be in place for four years with the option to extend depending on the future requirements of The Source.

All communications with The Source should be carried out using the correspondence section of the In-tend Supplier Portal.

Those applying may be individuals or organisations, however, this must be made clear in the submission.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a recognised procurement method within the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015. It is an electronic system which a buyer, for example The Source, can use to procure commonly used goods, works or services. There is no specific maximum duration for a DPS to run however The Source are wishing to set up the DPS for four years.

A DPS is open to anyone to join as long as they satisfy the selection criteria specified by the buyer.

An individual or organisation can apply to be placed on a DPS at any time throughout its life. The buyer will evaluate the submission within 30 days of month end. An individual or organisation can update their submission at any time whilst they sit on the DPS. If they are unsuccessful in their first submission to be placed on the DPS they can submit again at any time.

Feedback will be provided to unsuccessful applicants explaining why they did not meet the selection criteria. If an individual or organisation who is placed on the DPS does not keep their information up to date or falls below the selection criteria they can be removed from the DPS. They can still re-apply to be placed back on the DPS at any time.

The use of a DPS will help The Source to respond quickly to requirements by having a list of preapproved Trainers for delivery. It will help Trainers by ensuring that they are sent details of all opportunities for delivery with The Source.

If an individual or organisation is placed on the DPS they will receive details of all opportunities relevant to the DPS to deliver with The Source. They can then bid for any of these opportunities. The bids will be assessed using the scoring criteria provided in the specification for the opportunity.

Unsuccessful bidders will be provided with feedback to help them in future bids and will still remain on the DPS if they are unsuccessful in a bid.

In order to apply to be on this DPS, please visit the following website to register as a supplier:


You will then be required to complete either the Associate Trainer or Training Delivery Partner Questionnaire and upload your completed questionnaire as well as all the requested supporting documentation.  Lot 1 is for Associate Trainers (Individuals/Sole Traders) and Lot 2 is for Training Delivery Partners (Organisations/Companies).  

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