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A pre-apprenticeship programme for young unemployed people

Authored on 19 May 2017

Are you aged 16 to 24 and looking for help to gain work experience, grow your confidence and gain new skills? 

A Traineeship could be what you're looking for! 

A Traineeship is a pre-apprenticeship/employability programme for young unemployed people ages 16 to 24 lasting 12 weeks to 6 months. We have traineeship opportunities available in Retail, Business Administration, Warehousing, Customer Service and Hospitality.

You can apply for one of our Traineeship programmes here: 

Warehouse Traineeship 

Business Administration Traineeship 

Retail Traineeship 

Hospitality Traineeship 

Here's what one of our Trainee's thinks about the programme:

Trainee Joshua has reflected on his experience whilst taking part in his Traineeship Programme: 

"In my view the traineeship programme is helpful to young people because it provides them with a good quality work placement in their chosen sector of work. It allows you to explore a real work environment and develop new skills. The traineeship programme is a good way of meeting new people and building your confidence to move forward into employment.

"At the start of the programme you complete a maths and English assessment on an account called Guroo, this allows you to improve on your maths and English at home or at The Source. On the programme you attend weekly maths and English sessions and given one to one sessions if you need additional support. The traineeship programme offers you a chance to work on your CV, make a new one or update an existing CV with the work placement, qualifications and new skills you are developing on the traineeship programme.

"The Source help you into employment by having one to one job search sessions and mock interviews to help you identify areas for improvement so you are ready for interviews.  The traineeship programme gives you support and encouragement to move forward into employment by having a tutor who is dedicated to your progression."

If you'd like to find out more about our Traineeship opportunities contact Steph Simms on 0114 263 5691 or email her on stephanie.simms@thesourceacademy.co.uk 


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