Apprenticeship Levy Calculator

Apprenticeship Levy Calculator

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The Apprenticeship Levy

Using the calculator below will allow you to see what your Apprenticeship Levy bill might look like when it comes into force. To use the calculator simply enter your total wage bill (for England) and hit “calculate”. This will show you the Levy value.

It will also show you the levy payment with the government’s 10% contribution included, showing you your total funds for the year.

Apprenticeship Levy Calculator

Apprenticeship Digital Account Funds

Under 25 Apprenticeship NI Savings

The National Insurance calculator below will show you how much an apprenticeship will save your company per individual and collectively.

Firstly add the employee name, then add their current salary, once you have added everyone in you are thinking about putting on an apprenticeship, press Calculate!

Remember, your employees must be under 25 to benefit from the savings.

Employee Wage (£) Saving
Total £0.00 £0.00