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Skills Support for Your Workforce

We understand it can be difficult for you to know whether your staff have the skills and knowledge needed to fulfil their role. Here at The Source Academy, it’s important to us that you get the skills support you need to encourage growth within your industry and within the local economy.

That’s why we work with businesses across the region as part of our skills for the workforce initiative, ensuring you have the support you need, so that you can support your employees too.

We will work with you to develop a tailored workforce development plan by highlighting key areas where training is required. This will allow us to build a structured learning plan programme that will help your business to grow.

Continuous on the job training and development of professional skills benefits both the employee and employer by helping individual employees to fulfil their potential within the workplace.

The Source Academy specialises in helping employers to support their staff in the development of key skills like English, maths and basic computer skills, as well as more specific areas of skill development such as health & safety training.

2019 Adult Skills Gap Report

The 2019 Adult Skills Gap Report by the Government found that low paid adults with the lowest qualifications were the least likely workers to access training, despite being the group that would find it the most beneficial. In 2017, 8% of low paid workers accessed training within their business.

The report also found that many companies tend to invest their training into highly-skilled workers and managers rather than the lower skilled or manual workers, meaning that the UK’s spend on vocational training per employee is half the EU average.

What is a skills gap?

The simplest definition of a skills gap is ‘the difference in the skills required to do a job efficiently versus the actual skills possessed by employees’.

Skills gap analysis & support with The Source Academy

In order to reach those in lower paid roles, the Skills Support for the Workforce project will work with businesses to help support workers who may not have undertaken training over the last three years or more.

This means businesses will get funded training support for workers who:

  • Work in operational roles

  • Have qualifications at Level 3 or lower

  • Need support in English or ESOL


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