Steps to Work

Steps to Work

Support into Work or an Apprenticeship

Do you need help finding a job?
Want to start an apprenticeship?
Need to update your CV?
Want to gain useful qualifications?

Achieve your career goals with the Steps to Work programme.

We will work with you to build an action plan that suits your needs and skills - and then support you each step of the way!

You can also attend job clubs, where you can search and apply for jobs and apprenticeships.

Advice and Guidance

Receive full advice and guidance before, during and after the programme. You will also be given support to update your CV.

Maths, English and ICT

Get support with improving your maths, English and ICT skills.


The programme provides training in employability, sector specific training, customer service and interview techniques.


Gain relevant qualifications to the sector you want to work in such as:

  • Level 1 Retail Knowledge

  • Level 1 Business Admin

  • Level 1 Work Skills

  • Levels 1 + 2 Customer Service

  • Functional Skills Maths and English

  • Other sector specific training and qualifications

To join our Steps to Work programme please contact us here >>>

Steps to Work

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