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Traineeships – For Young People

For those who are having trouble finding an apprenticeship, this programme is ideal to help you become ‘work ready’.

Lasting any time up to six months, a traineeship is an educational training programme accompanied by work experience that prepares you for further employment. It aims to provide the much needed skills and experience that employers look for as well as ensuring that the trainee is confident of their own abilities and has the training that they need.

Not only will a traineeship improve your confidence and professional attitude, it will also allow you to improve your studies in Maths and English, skills which employers value highly.

From the programme you will gain valuable work-experience and insight within the workplace under the guide of a structured mentoring programme. It also allows you to make important links with companies that may lead to apprenticeship opportunities when your traineeship is complete.

Although traineeships are unpaid, bursaries can often be arranged to pay for travel and food. A traineeship is valuable in itself as it provides experience that could set you apart from other potential job candidates.

Traineeships are particularly useful for those aged 16-24 who have been unsuccessful when applying for apprenticeships due to insufficient skills or simply need a little help to send them in the right direction.  

Kick start your career with a Traineeship

We’re recruiting for a 12 week pre-apprenticeship/employability programme for young unemployed people aged 16 to 24.

Starts Monday 5th November 2018 and finishes Friday 8th February 2019 (excludes two weeks at Christmas).

To find out more, come along to The Source on Wednesday 31st October 2018 at 10:30am or contact us on 0114 263 5691.

Programme content:

Work Placement

A high quality work placement for approximately 8 weeks, usually over 3 days a week in your chosen sector of work.

The work placement provides you with the skills and knowledge required and will improve your CV and employability.


The programme provides training in employability, sector specific training, and customer service and interview techniques.  You will be supported in applying for vacancies.

Functional Skills

An opportunity to work towards and achieve Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills in maths and English. 

See our Traineeship leaflet for more details.


For more information about our Traineeships, please contact us on 0114 263 5691 or email community@thesourceacademy.co.uk

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