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Traineeships for Employers

A traineeship is an educational programme that prepares potential apprentices for the world of work, designed to help young people aged 16 to 24 gain appropriate skills and experience.

Lasting any time up to six months, the trainee will be given the opportunity to improve their skills in Maths and English whilst undergoing a work placement to acquire real hands-on experience and work insight.

This programme aids both parties as it allows you to scout the next generation of local talent with the necessary core skills, your current employees will be able to improve their coaching skills and pass on their exceptional knowledge and you will also be eligible for government grants and funding for the service you provide. Not only will this benefit the company, it provides much needed opportunities for the local community and gives a second chance to those who didn’t quite meet the assessment criteria for apprenticeship opportunities.

Work placements must consist of at least 100 hours of work over a six month period. It must allow the young person to gain structured insight in to the business where they engage in purposeful activities in their area of interest. The trainees should receive the support of an allocated mentor who will provide training and regular constructive feedback.

It is hoped that once the trainee has completed their traineeship, they will be given the opportunity to apply for apprenticeship positions within your company. If no said opportunities are available then we hope you will provide constructive feedback that will aid them in further interviews alongside an exit interview.

Trainees do not require payment but companies are encouraged to support them with travel and food costs.

For more information about our Traineeships, please contact the Communities Team on or email community@thesourceacademy.co.uk 

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