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Training Courses for Employed Staff

We provide staff training solutions, covering a range of areas to help employees develop as they progress throughout their careers. Our career skills training courses help employees gain a stronger understanding of their role and learn how to apply their abilities in the best way possible. 

Our short (5 Day) business courses in Level 2 Digital Marketing and Level 2 AAT Computerised Accounts are currently FULLY FUNDED by the European Social Fund and Sheffield City Council - meaning they are FREE to employed residents of SY. 

Each of our employee development and training courses are designed to promote a more efficient and positive work environment, giving employees the confidence that helps them take a more effective and positive work approach.

By booking onto our training courses, you agree to our Training Terms & Conditions and to be contacted regarding your booking.

We can also offer Apprenticeships which offer training delivered in the workplace, for further information see below

Digital Marketing and Finance Training for Staff

Funded (free) short courses for employed staff or self employed individuals looking to improve their knowledge around Digital Marketing and Computerised Accountancy Systems.

First Aid Courses

Anyone, at any time and in any place, could face an emergency requiring first aid response.  If you were involved in an emergency, would you know how to deal with it following the correct procedure? Jump onto a training course to find out more...

Health & Safety Courses

Our extensive range of Health & Safety courses ensures your company is not compromised when it comes to workplace safety. Our team of Health & Safety trainers are experts in their field and will provide you with all the knowledge and skills required to ensure you are fully compliant. Book onto a training course today to learn more...

Security Courses

Security training is key to all businesses, even more so these days. Our security training courses are accredited by the SIA, delivered by qualified and experienced tutors, who have real-life experiences of working in security. 

Subject to your employment status there maybe funding available for these courses.

Please complete the enquiry form and colleagues will get back to you to discuss options.


Maths Functional Skills

Ideal for learners who want to develop understanding and skills in mathematics. This training course gives the learner the opportunity to demonstrate a sound grasp of the underpinning skills and basics of mathematical skills and allows the learner to apply mathematical thinking to solve simple problems in familiar situations.

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