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BoostS: Hack Your 9-5

Price:£85 + VAT
90 Minutes

Is your inbox overflowing and your task list is longer than your arm? 

It’s time to hack your 9-5. Get focused on time well spent. Let us show you how to save over 2 hours a day, so you can be more productive, get things done whilst feeling less stressed and on your way to a more balanced 9-5.

Hack your 9-5

It’s time to hack your 9-5, feel less stressed and go home happy. 

This workshop will show you how to:

  1. Approach your day and tasks with a plan to get things done
  2. Eliminating distractions to gain time and stay focused
  3. Deep dive into email, including looking at rules and folders
  4. Use digital tools and techniques that will save you time
  5. Working in cycles: The brain-friendly way of working.

This is a great fit for you if… 

You are someone who is predominantly desk based and looking to increase productivity, reclaim focus and well-being, so you can take control and stay ahead. It’s ideal for those working in an office environment, business development and/or professional roles.

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