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Intermediate Excel

1 Day

This intermediate course is designed for delegates who have used Excel before and want to expand their knowledge.

Improving formatting, organising data, highlighting key information and creating formulas/links between sheets. You will need a working knowledge of creating/formatting simple spreadsheets, basic formulas and functions e.g. AutoSum. Or our Excel Introduction course.

After completing this training, you will be able to quickly summarise multiple sheets of data into one, turn long lists and reports into easy to read tables, use formulas to check whether cells pass or fail your rules, create links between cells so that they all update automatically, highlight targets, trends, duplicates and errors with Conditional Formatting, and be able to create consistent formats and layouts by saving as a Template.

You will study:

  • Working with large spreadsheets
  • Viewing options
    • Adjusting zoom
    • Using Freeze Panes and Split Window
    • Hiding and displaying data
    • Hiding rows and columns
    • Creating an outline
  • Printing large worksheets
    • Page Break preview
    • Working with page breaks
    • Printing multiple sheets
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Using multiple worksheets
    • Navigating between sheets
    • Moving and copying sheets
    • Linking worksheets
    • Creating 3-D formulas
    • Consolidating data
  • Linking workbooks
    • Creating a formula to link workbooks
    • Using the Paste Link option
    • Maintaining links
  • Working with dates
    • Entering date functions
    • TODAY function
    • NOW function
    • Date and time formats
    • Using dates in formulas
  • Conditional formulas and formatting
    • The IF function
    • Conditional formatting
      • Based on a cell value
      • Based on a formula
    • Identifying cells with conditional formatting
    • Copying conditional formats
  • List Management
    • Working with lists
    • Structure of a list
    • Sorting and filtering lists
    • Simple sorting
    • Sorting by multiple columns
    • Using AutoFilter
    • Advanced filtering
    • Using custom filter
    • Using Advanced Filter
    • Adding subtotals to a list
  • Documenting and Auditing
    • Comments
    • Viewing, adding, editing and deleting comments
    • Auditing features
    • Tracing formula errors
  • Protection
    • Protecting a worksheet
    • Protecting cell ranges
  • Using Templates
    • Built-in templates
    • Accessing and using Excel’s templates
    • Creating and managing templates
    • Creating, using and modifying a custom template file

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