Tricia Smith, CEO | The Source Academy

Tricia Smith, CEO

Tricia Smith, CEO | The Source Academy

Job Title: CEO

Department: Senior Management Team



"Everything we do is about you; your prospects, your progress, your choices, your ambitions fulfilled."



Tricia Smith is the CEO of The Source Skills Academy, a leading centre providing training and development for the local community as well as businesses in South Yorkshire and further afield.

Tricia has over 18 years management experience in the Education sector. Having previously worked at Barnsley College, she has a successful track record in business development, and extensive experience of bid writing, project management, financial management, commissioning and contracting. She was instrumental in Barnsley College being selected as the training partner of the highly regarded Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield and in Barnsley College in partnership with Bradford College, Leeds Trinity University and the University of Leeds establishing the Professional Skills Partnership. The Professional Skills Partnership was established in December 2016, in response to the Governments Apprenticeship Reforms. The purpose of the partnership is to provide a collaborative response to meeting employer needs, through the delivery of a single cohesive model which will ensure that collectively the partnership can meet the whole organisational skills needs of large employers. In January 2017, the partnership has successfully secured a number of significant levy contracts.

Tricia also spent time working with the SCR LEP, supporting the SCR Area Based Review and has lead on the SCR FE Colleges’ involvement in shaping the regional skills policies. 

She is passionate about delivering high quality services and training to customers.

Tricia attends various other committees including the SCR LEP Retail Steering Group, Rotherham Local Integration Board, Revo, Community Engagement Working Group, the SCCI Skills & Employment Forum Meeting and the Sheffield Chamber Council. Tricia is also a Non Executive Director of Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce as well as an Enterprise Advisor for Winterhill School building a strong relationship to provide insight into industry and the opportunities available in the local market, as well as being a role model and providing guidance to enable young people to be prepared for their future careers.


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