Warehousing and Storage Apprenticeships

Warehousing and Storage Apprenticeships


Warehousing and the storage of goods is an essential part of logistics operations within a business. Roles within logistics require great skill and organisation to coordinate the demand and supply of goods and ultimately meet customer needs. 

This may include operating specialist machinery, loading objects of different shapes and sizes, keeping some goods at low temperatures, managing stock, auditing inventory, keeping equipment in good working order, processing returned goods and managing the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods.

You will learn about health and safety including the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) to ensure you comply with legal regulations and minimise the environmental impact of your logistics operations. Good teamwork is very important when you're working to a tight schedule, such as loading or unloading a lorry that can only wait for a short time before it needs to go on to the next job.

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